"Social Climbers" by Roger Hall.

Directed by Patricia Knight.


Performance dates:
Wednesday 14th June - Saturday 17th June at 8pm
Matinee Sunday 18th June at 3pm
Wednesday 21st June - Saturday 24th June 8pm
A clever, witty comedy about truth and consequences by New Zealand playwright, Roger Hall. An all-female group of four teachers, one school counsellor and a reluctantly accompanying teenage daughter get stuck in a DOC hut due to foul weather (sound familiar?) By day three they are definitely not happy campers!
It's been called the hen party from hell and audiences will by able to identify the characters - superwoman Susan trying to organise everyone while her own life disintegrates. The older, soon to be forcibly retired Kath. Young and bolshie Sinead and her anxious doormat of a mother, Emily. Counsellor Annie having a meltdown. And brazen Maxine.
The cast line up:
Sonia Enoka, Lauren Ford-Jones, Anneke Mace, Paulette McIndoe, Sue Mortimer and Marion Rosner.
This is a great NZ comedy and not to be missed.
Bookings essential:
Phone/text 021 025 77648
Email mlttickets@gmail.com
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Coming in August/September 2017
"Hobson's Choice" by Harold Brighouse. Directed by Sue Mortimer.
Auditions will be held at the theatre 7pm Sunday 18th June 2017. Performance dates Wed 23rd August - Saturday 2nd September.

This classic comedy is set in Salford, Lancashire in the 1890s, but it was written in 1915 in the era of suffragette protests. It is therefore, perhaps, a very fitting choice of play in the light of recent protests in America.

Henry Horatio Hobson is a misogynistic, domineering widower who owns a successful boot-making shop. He also 'owns' three 'uppish' unmarried daughters. With undertones of 'King Lear', two daughters (Vicky and Alice) are young and frivolous while the oldest daughter (Maggie) is clever and hardworking.
Hobson is 'old school' and tries to dominate his daughters, making them work for no pay while he spends his time at the pub with his friends. He determines that he will choose husbands for his younger daughters but he's not going to waste money providing them with dowries! Maggie is too old and far too useful in her unpaid capacity as housekeeper and managing the shop so she can stay a spinster. But Maggie has other ideas; determined to free herself, and her sisters, from her father's tyranny, she seizes her chance to arrange her own marriage to their shy, talented, but illiterate boot-maker, Willie Mossop - and she's not about to let a little matter like Willie's fiancee upset her plans!
There follows a battle of wills that eventually causes Hobson to lose his customers, his daughters and his pride as Maggie faces him with Hobson's Choice.

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